Entrepreneurship & Construction

In recent years, T H E A has focused on entrepreneurship and construction projects. This area requires a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding the manner in which the tenants are dealt with in front of the tenants. This process is accompanied by many sensitivities, resulting from the nature of the deal which includes landowners, many professionals and of course different tenants, with different concerns, different preferences and different interests – as well as different dreams. Over the years we have accumulated a great deal of experience that allows us to obtain the best land – which is the most challenging stage in a project of entrepreneurship and construction – efficiently, quickly and pleasantly, while personally caring for all the factors involved in the project.

Project Management

Another and uncommon advantage in the field is the ability of T H E A to manage in-house the projects it initiates. Combines locating and identifying the potential transaction, through the purchase, building the project concept, the improvement – architectural planning, licensing, permits and more. In the execution phase, we invest time and energy in choosing the right and accurate mix of human capital for each project. We make sure to cooperate with the best professionals in the field. Implementing our vision in every project is uncompromising, so we see great importance in our involvement in all stages of the process.

Acquisition & Improvement

Identifying the potential hidden in land or an old building, is the first step. Acquiring the property, maximizing building rights and licensing procedures, are the next steps. These are complex processes that take a long time, and require a variety of skills along with many years of professional experience. We are proud of our proven ability to locate a potential asset, improve it and its environment, maximize its value and make it significantly higher quality and more expensive, all on a much faster schedule than is common in the market.

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